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Kaspar (capella) has been involved in music for his whole life, despite the fact that he is the first one in his family to be connected to music in any way. He started playing the drums at age 7 and learned the guitar on the side when he was 12. Kaspar first got into electronic music in 2008 when he listened to the drum & bass classics London Elektricity and Sub Focus. When dubstep came into the picture in 2010, he began to experiment with Cubase, but didn't stick to it due to not mastering the DAW. In 2012 Kaspar discovered Riddim and began working on that exclusively, but as he got tired of it soon, he stopped that as well. In 2013 he rediscovered drum & bass and started to keep track of Hospital Records. Hospital is what initially got Kaspar to dedicate his musical career to DNB and from there on he has stuck to it. The words best to describe capella’s music are melodic and harmonic. He makes music solely through emotions and because of that, the music has a very variable style. He began writing his debut EP "Changing" in the summer of 2015 and it will be out in March 2016 on Moshbit Records


Capella - Changing EP




Drum & Bass